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Feeling tired or stressed out? .... Breathe

Feeling tired or stressed out? …. It’s simple - Breathe

It’s important for optimal energy, health and wellbeing that we all have adequate oxygen throughout our body and mind. For optimal blood production and energy throughout your whole being, we need to be breathing properly.

How can we function or live without our breath?

We can't.

How much focus do we put on our breath everyday?

Not enough, that’s for sure. Our breath is our life force, our life energy.

Our breath is how we started our life and we cannot continue to live without our breath!

For a small change in your life, I would ask you to notice your breathing – is it fast or slow, is it laboring or rapid?

Take some time to notice it and sit while you’re reading this for a moment to notice your breath.

Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. You don’t need deep stomach breathing to have adequate breath, however it needs to be slow, methodical and make you feel alive!

One breathing technique I get clients and participants of my groups to do is to notice their breath by thinking about any stresses they are having at the moment and focus on that and breathe those stresses out on the exhale of the breath. Then when you breathe in, you breathe in the sun, the clouds, the trees, rainbows, butterflies, flowers or other beauty you can rely on. And keep continuing that for just a few minutes – breathe out your stress and breathe in goodness.

Our breath therefore determines our health. Think for a second, someone who is panicky – is often so stressed that their breathing has either become too rapid or is inadequately functioning whilst they are having such an attack. Whilst it can be difficult to alleviate a panic attack once it happens, controlled and slowed breathing can help be the ‘prevention’ for next time. Often prevention is better than cure in these cases.

Why are the classes good for you?

Modern life has brought a huge amout of stress into people's lives. I see stressed out clients in my counselling practice and in everyday life and know what works and what doesn't!

More and more we need to have outlets for self-care. Heart & Soul Movement offers much needed self-care with compassion, insight and warmth.

My Heart & Soul Movement classes work with your breath, your life force, voice expression and movement of your body. These classes do this as well as connecting you to yourself and your soul again. 

Why not learn to meditate in a creative new way! I utilise meditative dance, group energy, chakra balancing, music and song, soul expression, mindful practice and deep meditations. These all form the basis of Heart & Soul Movement workshops, classes and sessions.


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