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Frequently Asked Questions... AKA FAQs

Hello everyone and welcome to the Heart & Soul Movement blog!


After starting my groups this year, I have had a number of questions and I thought I would clarify some things for you...


FAQ 1. What is it that you do?


Answer: My classes combine movement, therapy, meditation, healing practices, dance and song and are either presented as workshops, sessions or classes. Generally, my workshops and classes combine the following: debriefing time where we reflect on how the practices are working for us, light exercise where we move around the room, soul dancing (with your own moves, not mine) and finish with healing, deep somatic or chakra-based meditations.


I also work with the energy in the room, the feelings that come up for people, self-esteem, self-love, self-worth and self-compassion matters and work on personal growth of participants. The energy of the room is a very powerful element for the healing process of the participants.


Then you could say the workshops and classes are like yoga meeting dance with emphasis on you dancing from your soul, with meditation and mindful practices along the way.


FAQ 2: Where are your classes being held?


Answer: At the moment I have classes at Lotus in Wollongong and I will be expanding to the Northern Illawarra and Southern Sydney.


FAQ 3. What if I can't get to your classes or workshops (e.g. the days don't suit, or I don't have enough time)?


Answer: In the future, I will be offering fee-paying online courses and that will hopefully be sooner rather than later. Though, like any dance or movement practice, it can be difficult for students to see a teacher through Skype or other video conferencing if the facilitator is moving, or if she can't see the attendees well.


At the moment, I haven't launched anything on Youtube or any video streaming sites, however I will in future. These classes combine many of my skills, so I cannot offer them all for free on Youtube. I may offer some 'taster' videos on Youtube in the future. 



FAQ 4. What if I can't dance or move well?


Answer: That doesn't matter at all. You choose to move your body as much or as little as you like! The practices are for you, not for anyone else. It's getting in touch with who you are and feeling good inside your body, mind and soul.

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