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Welcome to Heart & Soul Movement!

Would you like to feel healthier and happier - and less stressed?

‘Deep relaxation changes our bodies on a genetic level – for the better.’ (Sydney Morning Herald)

Heart & Soul Movement classes, workshops and retreats involve working with

meditation, music and movement to achieve deep relaxation, flow and joy.

What's more - you can come no matter what your experience is with meditation and mindful practice!

Heart & Soul Movement is all about ....

improving your health and wellbeing through QUALITY programs,

retreats and workshops, that assist you with personal growth and change.


Previous attendees have said 'I really liked the sounding exercises you did, Renee' and 'It's very tribal, the work that you do.' And 'I really liked it, I felt much calmer.' .... and 'your retreats are fantastic, Renee'.

Renee McDonald is a registered and clinical counsellor, psychotherapist, coach, mentor and clinical supervisor. She has extensively trained in counselling and in dance, movement, song, music, mindfulness, healing modalities and coaching.

Heart & Soul Movement classes, workshops and retreats use Renee's extensive knowledge of holistic health, incorporating body, mind and spirit.

Renee has been running classes for kids and adults, as well as self-care sessions, retreats and workshops with Heart & Soul Movement over the past five years.

Renee's next retreat is in Bali, with Retreats at Resorts from 20-27 July, 2020. Contact Liesel Albrecht to book:

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If you would like more information, email: or Ph: 0411 312 750.

You can find out more at Renee's Facebook page for Heart & Soul Movement: @heartandsoulmovement

Twitter: @HeartSoulMove

Instagram: @heart_andsoulmovement

Renee is also a private practitioner counsellor/psychotherapist trained in individual, couples work and Supervision and has been working as a therapist in the field for over 18 years.

If you are interested in any counselling Renee provides, you can find more details at:

Her private practice Facebook page is:

Twitter: @ButterflyCourag

Instagram: @butterfly_courage

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